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Muche bronzes generate long-lasting emotions, whether decorating a home, promoting harmony in an office, brightening up public areas or provoking thought in a museum. The pieces are perfect for interiors, as well as outdoor spaces like boardwalks, city centres or parks – anywhere with movement, happiness and wellness – where they can be mounted individually or in a progressive series.


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A beautiful dancer celebrating the joy of movement. She is flying, feeling happy and light. Small in stature, she brings a touch of innocence which fills the whole room.

12 unique signed and numbered 40x30x6cm


“Life is a cabaret” is the motto which inspired this soft, sexy nude, with a touch of innocence in her face. Men and women are particularly fascinated by this beauty… They love cabaret!

12 unique signed and numbered 35x46x5cm


Look at him and he will inspire your thoughts, bringing creativity, peace of mind, resolution and contentment. Let him think for you and you will be happy!

12 unique signed and numbered 20x20x20cm


Hard-working hands inspired by the Nobel Peace Prize. They are very strong but sweet and helpful at the same time, gently urging peace, trust and unity.

15 unique signed and numbered 28x28x20cm


The pure, wild strength within us that comes out when we are fighting to survive. This visceral bronze appears to be moving, evoking strong emotions ranging from fear to admiration.

12 unique signed and numbered 31x20​x10cm


Small and discreet, this sleeping form inspires respect, invites peace and transmits it. Everyone in the room will feel compelled to touch and connect with her calm aura.

12 unique signed and numbered 22x12x8cm

Wise Old Man

Old man with a knowing smile. He knows a lot about life which is why he looks so calm and happy. A wise face to greet visitors to your home and make anyone feel uplifted and welcome.

12 unique signed and numbered 18x20x12cm

Sleeping beauty

A sensuous woman sculpted especially for a woman’s lover as an original, intimate gift.

10 unique signed and numbered 45x17x20cm


Casted in white clay this piece is a clear message against domestic violence. However some people see it as a  symbol of support for a suffering person.

Can be available in bronze

A unique and signed 45x35x20cm piece

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