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Sculpting a yog'irl

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Muche is starting a series of clay works of yoga postures. She is a fan of Hatha Vinyasa, which combines conscious breathing, movement and stillness, to achieve physical and energetic alignment and a focused mind. Clay is a perfect fit: it moves while being shaped, it breathes and, after the kiln, it becomes still.

This yog'irl, sculpture in progress, is the beginning of the yoga series mixing a traditional asana to aesthetic purposes. If the position is quite a challenge for human beings, it is also a tough challenge for the sculptor due to the reduced size (+/- 30x20x25cm): her face is about 4cm, her hands are 2cm long, just guess the size of the ears...this requires all details to be sculpted with small and sharp tools.

Another difficult step is to empty the sculpture to make sure it does not explode in the kiln. This will be done shortly, and the final result will be discovered soon. Watch this space!

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