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Sculpting is a way of life with the power to heal and revive

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Muche is passionate about sculpture. Her expressive work elicits feelings and generates emotions. Her sculptures capture the energy, compassion and sensual beauty of the human form: nudes and dancers in motion depicting positive energy; faces expressing joy, kindness and compassion; and hands that describe empowerment and strength. Muche stands for the human capacity for kindness, the relentless search for happiness, and the beauty that resides in us all. Sculpting is a way of life with the power to heal and revive. It helped Muche to recover from a professional burnout, connecting with a part of herself that is inexorably positive.

Muche bronzes generate long-lasting emotions, whether decorating a home, promoting harmony in an office, brightening up public areas or provoking thought in a museum. The pieces are perfect for interiors, as well as outdoor spaces like boardwalks, city centres or parks – anywhere with movement, happiness and wellness – where they can be mounted individually or in a progressive series.

She is always looking around for new ideas, expressions and movements to inspire her work and share her positivity. Here are some of the works currently under creation. How do they make you feel? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment box!

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Muche is a celebration of life. Love life. Love Muche.

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