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About Muche

Muche is passionate about sculpture. Her expressive work elicits feelings and generates emotions.

Each work created by Muche is a statement of positivity. Her artwork embraces the human form: nudes and dancers in motion depicting positive energy; faces expressing joy, kindness and compassion; and hands that describe empowerment and strength. Muche stands for the human capacity for kindness, the relentless search for happiness, and the beauty that resides in us all.

Sculpture is a late discovery for Muche. Drawing was her first love, but sculpture seemed inaccessible. Her art teacher encouraged her to try. In 2011, she created her first karate fist and discovered the transformative, healing power of the art. Her fist exhibition, Hands, made her realise that her work provoked emotions – both enthusiasm and repulsion – which is what art is about!


Rodin & Camille Claudel inspire her work. Bernini is the master she would have loved to have had, had she lived centuries ago.

​She works in beautiful Barcelona, in a creative community with other artists, Studio Verdi.

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