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  • What inspires Muche’s artwork?
    Small, inconspicuous acts of kindness, eyes that light up at an unexpected visitor, the exhilaration of a leap into the air, expressions of contentment and joy. In short, everything that’s good in life! Whatever is going on in anyone’s life at any time, invariably, in some small corner, there is something good to shine a light on.
  • Why are Muche sculptures only available in bronze?
    Muche sculpts with clay and then turns it into bronze. Bronze is an enduring material, a symbol of strength and resilience. Her bronze sculptures capture the feelings of a moment and transmit them forever after to all those who see them.
  • Why does the delivery take 2 month?
    Muche is a ‘poor artist’ working to order. When an order is placed, it takes five to six weeks for the foundry to prepare the bronze and one week or more to ship.
  • What if I want a sculpture that’s not shown on the website?
    On occasion, Muche is able to take a new commission for a bespoke work of art. Use the contact form to outline your desired piece and she will contact you to discuss your wishes and requirements.
  • Can I showcase Muche sculptures in my gallery?
    Muche’s sculptures are created to make the world a happier place to live in. The artist welcomes invitations to exhibit. Please contact her using the contact form.
  • Can I buy clay sculptures from Muche?
    Muche is considering a series of clay works of yoga postures. She is a fan of Hatha Vinyasa, which combines conscious breathing, movement and stillness, to achieve physical and energetic alignment and a focused mind. Clay is a perfect fit: it moves while being shaped, it breathes and, after the kiln, it becomes still. Watch this space!
  • Is Muche a real person?
    Yes! Muche is a shy artist who, while being a private person, loves people in all their diversity. She invites you to get in touch via the request form on the contact page.
  • How can I get in touch with Muche?
    Muche is always available for mails and answers very quickly. please fill in the contact form with your request.
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