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¡Himno a la vida!

An exhibition at the Museo Tiflológico de la Once in Madrid

Bridging the gap between art and viewer, ¡Himno a la vida! provides a sensory experience seldom accessible in fine art by shifting the focus from visual to tact. This exhibition requires one to feel sculptures as a means of seeing and experiencing art and in such doing, creates a distinctive connection between the living and the work.

Muche's sculptures are an ode to life and a celebration of the human form. They encompass at times raw emotions and in other instances the beauty and tenderness of flesh. In them, one is invited to experience visceral energy, compassion and sensual beauty, the relentless search for happiness and Muche's contagious positivity.

At the intersection of sculpture and immersive installation, ¡Himno a la vida! becomes a performance of sorts and touches on the individuals' reaction to texture, smell, temperature and space, providing a unique experience that is inclusive to all.

Sofia Zuluaga

Co-director WO Foundation Inc.

Virtual visit of the exhibition

Muche is passionate about sculpture. Her expressionist work elicits feelings and generates emotions.
Sculpting is a way of life with the power to heal and revive. It helped Muche to recover from a professional burnout, connecting with a part of herself that is inexorably positive. She is always looking around for new ideas, expressions and movements to inspire her work and share her positivity.
Each work created by Muche is a statement of positivity. Her artwork embraces the human form: nudes and dancers in motion depicting positive energy; faces expressing joy, kindness and compassion; and hands that describe empowerment and strength. Muche stands for the human capacity for kindness, the relentless search for happiness, and the beauty that resides in us all.
Muche is a celebration of life. Muche sculptures capture the energy, compassion and sensual beauty of the human form. Love life. Love Muche.

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