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A joyful exhibition to engage the senses

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Passion for equal opportunities in the appreciation of art

A new exhibition by French artist Muche is set to offer a unique sensory experience at NGO ONCE’s Typhlological Museum in Madrid, Spain. A celebration of the human form, ¡Himno a la vida! (‘Ode to life!’) embraces inclusivity by extending the pleasure of fine art to diverse audiences. The collection comprises 16 unique bronze, resin and clay sculptures which have been lovingly crafted to engage the senses of touch, sight, smell and hearing.

The exhibition reflects Muche’s passion for equal opportunities in the appreciation of art. She said: “Art is for everyone, but the visually-impaired are often restricted in the ability to enjoy it. ¡Himno a la vida! removes the greatest barrier, inviting visitors to experience the exhibits in multiple ways. Instead of the usual ‘Do not touch!’, this collection insists ‘Please touch!’ Children, too, can indulge their natural curiosity, without their carers holding them back.”

From 30 September, it is host to ¡Himno a la vida!, which celebrates all humanity, giving shape to raw emotions, compassion, tenderness and sensual beauty. The centrepiece, entitled ‘Pleasures of the senses’, is an uplifting, life-size model of a female figure holding aloft a ball of fragrant juniper wood. The elegant, sloping surfaces are textured to make a subtle sound when touched, making it a multi-sensory symbol of empowerment and joy.

As a ‘living art’ installation, selected sculptures are left raw and untreated, with their natural flaws exposed. Physical interaction by visitors will change these sculptures’ textures and colours, so they evolve as the exhibition progresses.

An educational part of the show will demonstrate the creative process, from original clay, through open moulds, to resin coming out of the mould.

The exhibition will run until 18 November. Due to the pandemic, special hygiene measures will be required to ensure health and safety. Entry is free and guided tours can be booked at

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